Terms of Registration

Agreement between Certified Conformity & its Customer Organisations.
The Scope of these Terms and Conditions

Certified Conformity Ltd carries out Assessments and Certification of Products in accordance with both the PPE and Machine Directive against ISO 17065 (refers 17021 Section 8) with the arrangements to carry out assessments on documented Management Systems against Article 11b of the PPE Directive and other National or Internationally Recognised Standards or Marks. The customer is required to supply all necessary information to Certified Conformity Ltd. for this purpose. Organisations certified by Certified Conformity Ltd. are required to comply with the specifications of these terms and conditions for the duration of their certification.

The Certification Service is available to all applicants regardless of the size, location and membership of their group or association.

Applicants are required to notify Certified Conformity of any conflicts of interest they identify e.g. the allocated assessor has carried out consultancy for your organisation within the last 2 years.

Certified Conformity Ltd will give due notices to all certified organisation of any changes to our requirements for certification. A period of adjustment will be defined. All changes will be verified by Certified Conformity Ltd.


The Scope of Accreditation issued by The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), acknowledges that Certified Conformity Ltd. has the knowledge and skills to manage Assessments in particular sectors. (Details of these are available on request). If a particular sector is outside of Certified Conformity Ltd. current Scope, the customer will be made aware of this and an Unaccredited Certificate will be issued.

Certification does not guarantee that products, services or operating activities meet specified requirements. Nor does Certification imply a view on the specification of a product or a service, or compliance with any Legal Requirement, Code of Practice or Environmental Performance consideration. Certification by Certified Conformity Ltd. therefore cannot and does not guarantee a good product or service provided by the certified organisation or any operating compliance.


Certified Conformity Ltd will treat all aspects of the Assessment as ‘commercial in confidence’ and any information/evidence outside of the public domain that is gained during the Assessment will be used for the purpose of the Assessment only. The Assessor or any observer present agrees to treat as secret and confidential and not at any time, for any reason, to disclose or permit to be disclosed to any information reviewed or seen during the Assessment, other than for internal verification purposes in the process of granting, extending or withdrawing Certification.

Certified Conformity Ltd. will provide suitably qualified personnel for Assessment and Surveillance work. Sub-contracted assessors are selected and monitored in line with criteria such as Professional Registration and / or Continued Professional Development (CPD). All sub-contractors are required to sign contracts, which contain confidentiality agreements, requiring them to strictly treat all information outside the public domain as ‘commercial in confidence’ (as above).

Certified Conformity Ltd and/or The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), may be required to accompany Assessors on assessments in order to evaluate consistency and quality of practice within the assessment team. Trainee Assessors may also periodically shadow/observe the Lead Assessor for training and quality purposes, as part of their professional development. The organisation will be informed in writing prior to the assessment that the Assessor will be accompanied by any of the above. Any personnel in attendance will be subject to confidentiality agreements and their presence will have no impact whatsoever on the duration, cost or outcome of your assessment.

The applicant has the right to request change of the assessor(s) allocated to conduct the assessment.

Application for Assessment

On receiving an initial enquiry, Certified Conformity Ltd. will issue a quotation detailing Certification (EC Type Examination), Annual Product Test (Article 11a) and / or any additional assessment (Article 11b) costs. This will be followed by a telephone call to answer any questions and confirm the customer’s intention to proceed. Customers will be required to submit a signed application form when proceeding with their application for assessment.

The quotation will be produced considering risk and the required man-days allocated to the process of Certification (EC Type Examination), Annual Product Test (Article 11a) and / or any additional assessment (Article 11b) will be based on the information submitted on the application/quotation form. Failure by the applicant to provide accurate details including for example, Product information, required standards / specification, test records, Number of employees, subcontractor, seasonal workers, sites and their locations associated with the product to be certified may lead to the delay to the certification process and additional costs. The application must be fully completed and signed by authorised personnel of the product owner / representative.

The lead assessor assigned will contact the organisation to agree dates and confirm arrangements for the assessment in line with Certified Conformity Ltd. procedures.

Assessment Process

Organisations must have a documented management system in order for us to audit the manufacturing process of your certified product. The basins of the audit will be conducted in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, and other normative documents.

  • Assessments are carried out in two stages. The stage one assessment may be an off or on site activity. This will have been confirmed at the quotation stage. The stage two assessments is always an onsite activity.
  • Organisations assessed by Certified Conformity Ltd. are required to make all areas of the business relevant to the assessment available. A review of the customer’s documentation against the appropriate Standard or Mark will either be undertaken at the customer’s premises or off-site as applicable. Where documents may be reviewed off site but are reviewed on-site at the customer’s request, an additional cost may be added. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that documents to be reviewed off-site are received by the assessor on or before the agreed document review date.
  • Before the onset of the stage two assessment applicants must have completed a full audit of the quality system and have conducted a management review.
  • An ‘assessment report’ is completed in relation to the assessment conducted. The report includes feedback on the assessment and the customer is required to address any non-compliance raised, within timescales defined in the report. All assessments are conducted in-accordance with Certified Conformity Ltd. procedures.

If a ‘Major’ non-compliance is identified, an additional visit will be required. Arrangements for this, including any additional fee, will be agreed with the customer.

  • After certification, Certified Conformity Ltd. should be informed in writing of any relevant significant changes to the customer’s organisation (including merger, change in ownership or structure) which may affect certification. In such an event, Certified Conformity Ltd. reserves the right to request that the customer applies for Re-Assessment.
  • Organisations assessed by Certified Conformity Ltd are required to make provisions for additional assessors. This may be auditors from UKAS, internal trainee assessors or principal assessors.
  • Occasionally your allocated assessment team will be observed by a Certified Conformity Ltd associate principal assessor. The purpose of the observation is to ensure the assessment team are following processes and those processes are affective and meet the requirements of our accreditation. The applicant has the right to refuse the observation take place for valid reasons. The reason must be communicated to Certified Conformity Ltd a minimum of two weeks prior to the onsite dates for consideration. If Certified Conformity Ltd do not deem the reason to be valid the observation will go ahead.
  • 3 yearly, full Re-Assessment is required by Certified Conformity Ltd.

On completion of the assessment, the lead assessor makes a recommendation to the client on the conformity of their system. The report will be submitted to the Certification Director of Certified Conformity Ltd. On receiving a report stating that the management system meets the Standard or Mark in question, the Certification Director (after approval from the relevant Assessment Panel) issues a continued approved certificate, detailing the Scope of registration and certificate number, and information regarding Certification and Registration Marks.

Certificates issued remain the property of Certified Conformity Ltd. and are valid for three years provided the customer maintains the management system. Triennial assessment is carried out for an agreed fee prior to the expiry date of the certificate.

Changes to Manufacture of products

Organisations are required to notify Certified Conformity Ltd. promptly of any changes to their manufacturing systems or other changes that may affect conformity of the system and effect the current certificate of conformity for the particular Certified Product.

Certificate Suspension or Withdrawal

The Certificate may be withdrawn or suspended for the following reasons:

Suspended due to:

  1. Breach of any of these Terms & Conditions of Registration.
  2. Failure to apply corrective action as a result of non-conformities found at assessment or surveillance visits.
  3. Continued logo misuse.
  4. Failure of the customer to settle any outstanding Certified Conformity Ltd. Invoice within the required invoicing terms.

Withdrawn due to: –

  1. Failure to respond to reasonable requests made by Certified Conformity Ltd., following suspension of certification.
  2. Failure of the customer to settle any outstanding Certified Conformity Ltd. Invoice within the required invoicing terms.
  3. Failure to provide copies of documentation required by the assessor(s) to undertake re-Assessment or surveillance assessment.

In the event of withdrawal or suspension of certification the organisation shall discontinue the use of all advertising, internet and brochures that contain reference to certification. The organisation shall return all certification documentation to Certified Conformity Ltd offices. Certified Conformity Ltd. will make public to all interested parties the status of the certification.

Once certification is suspended, a reinstatement charge of £875 will be payable in addition to any outstanding charges.

Certificate Misuse

Certified Conformity Ltd. will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that there is no misuse of their certificate in customer advertising, etc. The customer must only use the Certification Marks as appropriate to their assessed Scope of registration. Organisation registered by Certified Conformity Ltd will not use its certification in any manner or make any statement as to bring the standard or Certified Conformity Ltd into disrepute.

Suspension/withdrawal of Certificates

Upon suspension or withdrawal of certification, clients are notified in writing that certificates must be returned and Certification and Accreditation Marks must no longer be used on advertising matter. A fee of £875 will be applied for the re-activation of suspended certificates.

Use of Logos

Logos must be used in line with Certified Conformity Ltd. MS 6.6 Licence Agreement & Use of Certification and Marks’ guidance document, which is made available upon registration.

Certification/Registration Marks may be subject to change. If this occurs, a reasonable period will be allowed during which the superseded Mark may be phased out.


Once a Certificate has been issued, customers have the right to publicise their certification. Appropriate Logos may be used on stationery and in marketing or promotional material. Any reference to Certified Conformity Ltd or your certification must be approved by the Certification Director of Certified Conformity Ltd. The text must not contain any claims that are misleading or could convey that the certification relates to the product or service quality of your organisation (if this is not the case). Were the certification scope has been amended or reduced any statements or public information must be amended to reflect the current scope of the certification.

Surveillance and Re-assessment (Article 11b)

After the issue of a certificate, surveillance assessments will be conducted at the customer’s premises as follows:

Quality Management system surveillance Visits are carried out at 12-month intervals unless the assessment results demonstrate the system is not robust enough to the assessor or there applicant organisation with more than 30 employees.

Surveillance Assessment for other Standards or Marks will be notified and agreed at the time of initial application, or as mutually agreed thereafter.

Re-Assessment, as referred to under certification, will be carried out every three years. The re-assessment onsite activity must take place one month prior to the expiration of the current certificate.

If major concerns are identified during surveillance or full re-assessment, an additional visit may need to be arranged. This, and any applicable additional costs, would be discussed and agreed with the customer in advance.

When there are instances of nonconformity or lack of evidence of conformity, time limits are defined for the corrective action to be implemented prior to the expiration of certification. Where there are extenuating circumstances e.g. lead times on equipment or availability of training courses a budgeted plan to implement corrective action is acceptable and will not prevent recertification. Recertification will not be granted where there is evidence of nonconformity with legislation.

Extension/Change to the Scope of Registration / product design or amendment.

The customer should write to Certified Conformity Ltd. to apply for an extension or amendment to their approved scope of registration. Adequate time will be allowed prior to re-assessment or surveillance to enable Certified Conformity Ltd. properly to plan and resource the assessment.

Assessment to verify that the Standard/Mark is still met will be carried in those areas not previously audited, normally requiring a site visit. Any charges for this will be discussed and agreed in advance with the customer. A small charge may also be made for the amendment and re-issue of Certificate(s).

Extension to scope will not be granted if a communication has not been sent to Certified Conformity Ltd. If you require the extension to scope to take place during your next onsite visit you must notify Certified Conformity Ltd a minimum of one month prior to your onsite date. Our assessors are unable to progress extensions to scope without authorisation from Head Office.

Transfer of Certification requirements (for organisations Transferring Product Certification from another Body only)
  • Transferring of Certification is free of charge
  • If your current Certification provider is not a UKAS accredited Certification Body, the assessment will be treated as an Initial application and the date on the Certificate issued to you by Certified Conformity Ltd. will not precede the date the Certification Decision was made from Certified Conformity Ltd.
  • You are required to inform your current provider prior to making the transfer arrangements with Certified Conformity Ltd.
  • We require a copy of your latest certificate and a copy of your last report (including Technical documentation of your product) and all supporting documentation
Appeals Procedure

If for any reason the customer does not agree with the Certification decision (e.g. suspension/withdrawal of a certificate) after EC Type Examination, assessment, re-assessment or surveillance, they may appeal by contacting the Certification Director of Certified Conformity Ltd.

All appeals will be presented to an independent sub-committee of Certified Conformity Ltd. The Sub-committee will be made up of independent people who have had no direct involvement with the customer for at least two years. They will examine evidence from the customer representative and the assessor involved.

The decision of the Panel is final and should be accepted by both parties.

Customer Complaints against Certified Conformity Ltd., Employees or Sub-contractors

If a customer has a complaint, it should be addressed to the Certification Director of Certified Conformity Ltd. Where the complaint involves the Certification Director, it should be addressed to the Impartiality Committee of Certified Conformity Ltd.


Fees for EC Type Examination, Article 11A and / or Article 11b requirements (i.e. reports, assessment and surveillance work) should be agreed in advance between Certified Conformity Ltd. and the customer. Prior to any work from Certified Conformity Ltd. you will receive a letter from Certified Conformity Ltd that details the cost of the Certification Process. Any issues or queries with the cost must be raised prior to the any works commencing. Prices may be increased periodically in line with price reviews and Certified Conformity Ltd. will always confirm in writing prior to services being delivered.

Certified Conformity Ltd will invoice the customer prior to works commencing with the relative payment terms documented on the Invoice.

Charges will be made for duplicate copies of audit reports and certificates.

Travel Expenses

Travel expenses will be applicable on travel to client sites for the purpose of certification to and from client premise, Annual Product Test (Article 11a) at client premise and / or any additional assessment (Article 11b) at client premise. Fees are dependant on the clients location, number of sites and Local Assessor availability. Any expenses to be incurred will be agreed between the Assessor and the Organisation/Firm before the assessment takes place. Mileage will be calculated at £0.45 per mile; and any overnight expenses will be charged at cost. These costs will be included in the final invoice.

Terms of Payment

Certified Conformity Ltd will invoice the customer prior to works commencing with the relative payment terms documented on the Invoice.

Payment of Invoices: Payment for assessment and certification services is requested as follows:

Initial Application – Pro Forma as identified in document 6.9 (Terms of Business) of Certified Conformity Ltd management system.

Assessment Visits – Pro Forma as identified in document 6.9 (Terms of Business) of Certified Conformity Ltd management system.

Product Certification – the client is required to pay within 30 days of the date recorded upon the invoice.

NOTE – Release of Certificates will be withheld and / or suspended as necessary if agreed payment terms are not met.


Article 11b Annual Surveillance Cancellation Policy: Certified Conformity Ltd reserves the right to claim the appertaining daily assessment charge for each scheduled day on-site as detailed within the cancelation document MS 6.9 (Terms of Business) of Certified Conformity Ltd management system.

Additional Visit: A fee which is proportionate to the additional work required should be agreed by both parties in advance. (An additional visit may be required when a site visit identifies either a major issue to be addressed, or information, which differs from that contained in the initial application, such as the scope of operation, number of sites or number of employees).


Assessments including Certification (EC Type Examination), Annual Product Test (Article 11a) and / or any surveillance assessment (Article 11b) undertaken on behalf of Certified Conformity Ltd. address only a sample of the customer’s Management System. Findings reported do not imply that the non-conformities raised are the only ones which exist. Any action taken by the customer as a result of assessment work undertaken on behalf of Certified Conformity Ltd. remains the responsibility of the customer.

Information Displayed in the Public Domain

Information regarding organisations and products registered with Certified Conformity Ltd is available on our website and is available to the public. Information displayed: company name, certification number, scope of certification, Product Reference, Certificate of Conformity and location.

Passing of Confidential Information

All documentation and information provided by the client or others is treated as confidential.

When the certification body is required by law or authorised by contractual arrangements to release confidential information, Certified Conformity shall contact the client or person concerned, unless prohibited by law, to notify them of the information provided.

Information Technology Systems

The Assessor(s) will complete electronic reports on site and may need the use of a PC and printer in order to leave a copy of the assessment documentation with the customer’s representative. All assessment personnel are required to keep their personal IT system virus free, but should a problem arise, Certified Conformity cannot accept responsibility for any corruption of the customer’s IT systems. The customer has the right to refuse access to their IT Systems.


The customer will indemnify Certified Conformity Ltd. against any claims or losses suffered by Certified Conformity Ltd. as a result of misuse by the customer of certification given by Certified Conformity Ltd.

Terms & Conditions Variation

Certified Conformity Ltd. reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions. Due notice will be given for any changes to certification requirements.