Code of Conduct

2.5 Employees & Sub-Contractors Code of Conduct

1. To act in a strictly trustworthy and unbiased professional manner without any sexual, racial, ageist, political or religious comment in relation to Certified Conformity Ltd. and any organisation involved in an audit, personnel for whom they are responsible, or any other work in which they may be engaged.

2. To disclose to Certified Conformity Ltd. any relationships they may have with the organisation to be audited before undertaking any auditing function of that organisation.

3. Not to accept any inducement, gift, commission, discount or any other profit from the organisations audited, from their representatives, or from any other interested person nor knowingly allow personnel for whom they are responsible to do so.

4. Not to disclose any information gained as a result of work carried out on behalf of Certified Conformity Ltd. either on their premises or on their clients’ premises.

5. Not to disclose the findings, or any part of them, of the audit team for which they are responsible, or any other information gained in the course of the audit to any third party, unless authorised in writing by both the auditee and the auditing organisation to do so.

6. Not to act in any way prejudicial to the reputation or interest of Certified Conformity Ltd.

7. In the event of any alleged breach of the code, to co-operate fully in any formal enquiry procedure.