Cancellation Policy

6.11 Article 11b Annual Surveillance Cancellation Policy

Certified Conformity Ltd. has approximately 100 clients nationwide and overseas and is adding a high volume of new clients every month. We currently deliver over 70 audit days every month to our clients using an employed auditor base and obtain the services of a number of vetted sub-contractors.

In order to ensure that we offer all our clients the flexibility, responsiveness and reliability that they rightly expect from us, it is imperative that scheduled audit visits take place on the day for which they are scheduled, and are not cancelled or rearranged at short notice.

We schedule the audit visits many months in advance, in consultation with clients, and communicate clearly at the time of arranging the next visit that cancellation at short notice will incur a cancellation fee.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they are ready for our arranged visit. Cancellation due to lack of readiness for our visit is not acceptable, as it deprives other clients of a resource that would otherwise be available to them. It also has a direct impact on Certified Conformity Ltd. resource utilisation which increases the cost of our services for all of our clients.

Cancellation fees are currently as follows:

  • Cancellation on the day = 100% of your day rate (example £800)
  • Cancellation 1 – 5 working days = 90% of your day rate (example £720)
  • Cancellation 6 – 20 working days = 50% of your day rate (example £400)

NOTE – fees are charged per consultant per day.

Certified Conformity Ltd. is committing resources in agreeing service dates. Service dates are normally agreed between the auditor and client direct and are recorded within the audit report and by means of email confirmation; alternatively, Certified Conformity Ltd and the client will agree dates for audits which will be confirmed by Certified Conformity Ltd in writing.

It is not the policy of Certified Conformity Ltd. to issue reminders of forthcoming audit dates. It is therefore the client’s responsibility to ensure that the audit can be conducted in accordance with the plan on the date(s) agreed. Consequently, a fee will be charged if a visit is postponed or cancelled within 20 working days of its planned occurrence. The fee chargeable for cancellation will be on a sliding scale, based on a percentage of Certified Conformity Ltd. current standards day rate fee per audit day. These are as follows: cancellation on the day = 100%; cancellation within 5 working days = 90%; cancellation within 6- 20 days = 50%. Additional expenditure that has been incurred and is not reclaimable (such as flights or hotels) will also be levied. 
In order to be fair to all of our clients we will apply these fees in all instances, allowing exceptions only for the following reasons:

  • Our main client contact is on bereavement leave
  • Our client’s site is inaccessible and closed due to adverse weather or other incident/event outside of the control of the client

Our Audit Liaison Representatives & Administrators do not have any discretion to waive cancellation fees. If you would like to discuss any aspect of our cancellation policy please e-mail our Compliance Inspection Scheme Team, at